Is it worth buying Nintendo Switch OLED?

Nintendo Switch OLED is an improved version of the ideal console from the BIG N. Check out how much the new Nintendo costs and how it differs from the 2018 version. The new Nintendo Switch OLED will soon go on sale! The release was announced for October 8, 2021! Bigger screen, wider stand and more memory – is this all Nintendo has to offer? Check how much it costs and whether it is worth buying the new console prepared by the Big N!

Nintendo Switch phenomenon

Japanese company Nintendo has been in the video game industry for years and has a large group of loyal fans. Every console from BIG N, from GameCube to Game Boy to Nintendo DS, has been very popular. The same is true of the latest console from Nintendo, the Switch. The console that premiered in 2018 has been improved! Coming to market as early as October 2021 is the Nintendo Switch OLED!

What makes the Switch stand out? This is the only such console on the market that allows you to play games in several ways:

  • In mobile mode – handheld – we play by holding the console in our hands,
  • In stationary mode – we play on the TV, the console is docked in the charging station,
  • multiplayer mode – the ability to play up to 4 people on the small screen of the console, after setting the Switch on the stand.

No other manufacturer offers similar technical solutions. Originality is one of the most important features of the Japanese console. This can also be seen in the game titles, dedicated to Nintendo. Games can be recognized by their cartoonish, fairy-tale styling, but that doesn’t make them childish.

Nintendo Switch OLED – what’s new?

July 6, 2021. Nintendo has announced a “new” console, or rather, its new version: Nintendo Switch OLED. The release is scheduled for October 8, 2021, and you can pre-order it now. What the new device offers? How has the Switch changed from its original form?

Skeptics will say that not much, but the changes will significantly improve the use of this unusual console. First of all, Nintendo has increased the screen from 6.2 inches to 7. A new screen produced using OLED technology, from where the console gets its name, has been introduced without increasing the overall size of the device. It increased the quality of the image in all modes of use. Another change is the increased to 64 GB internal memory Switch’a. Thanks to the use of better speakers in the console’s tablet, the sound quality has significantly improved / has been significantly improved.

In addition, Nintendo has introduced a wider base for greater stability when playing in standing mode. Until now, the console easily turned over. In addition, there is a LAN connector in the docking station. The new version of Nintendo is available in white and black color scheme, which in our opinion is the prettiest.

Will the accessories for Nintendo Switch V2 fit OLED?

When it comes to additional accessories such as replaceable Joy Cony – pads, attachable to the console, there may be a problem because the rail docking pads is slightly wider. If we want to be sure about the compatibility of individual add-ons, it is worth waiting for official tests of experts. So far, journalists have not received a test product.

However, do not worry about compatibility with docking stations or cases. The Switch has not changed its size or charging system, so there will be no problem using these basic accessories.

Is it worth buying Switch OLED?

The differences between the “old and new” Switch can be considered modest, especially since many users were expecting an entirely new console. Rumors about the Nintendo Switch Pro have been floating around the internet since the first Switch was released in 2018. OLED is not the revolution expected by fans, but rather a progressive evolution.

Nintendo Switch is known for its unpredictability, but it never disappoints its customers. Some journalists say that the Switch OLED is a transitional model, and the Pro will appear when access to components needed to produce modern equipment improves.

From when the Nintendo Switch OLED will be available for sale?

The console will be available in stores from October 8, 2021.. The price of a new Nintendo Switch with OLED screen is 349.99 $, which at the current exchange rate – about 1350 PLN. It is worth remembering that Nintendo Switch has already sold more than 80 million copies.

How much does the Nintendo Switch cost in the pre-order?

The current price of Nintendo Switch available for pre-order in Poland is about 1650 PLN. Distributors offer different prices, slightly higher or lower. This is not an exorbitant price for a next-generation console. If we do not want to be late with the purchase and get the console on the day of release, it is worth using the pre-order. Even if you don’t have the cash needed for the purchase, it can be easily obtained using an installment loan. The best offers can be found in an expert summary of Pozyczkaportal.en https://pozyczkaportal.en/product-category/rating-loan/.

Will the price of the new console from Nintendo increase after launch?

Experts are of the opinion that the price of the new Nintendo will not fall after the release. The manufacturer has a policy of fixed prices, which is well demonstrated by the Switch V2, which has maintained a fixed price since its release. However, is the price likely to increase?

Looking at the example of Sony and the Playstation 5 console, there is a shadow of a threat that the company may not produce enough units in time. This situation can be exploited by speculators who will buy the console on pre-order and then inflate the price on the secondary market.

If you care about novelty from the Big N, in our opinion, you should consider buying Nintendo Switch OLED in pre-order. It can be purchased on an installment purchase system with a bank loan or by using an alternative, non-bank loans. According to the author of the article,22883.htm, This is ideal for people who do not have the necessary capacity in the eyes of the bank. Interestingly, such a loan can be obtained for free if we manage to meet the conditions of the promotion.

Rumors about Nintendo Switch Pro

The announcement of the release of the Nintendo Switch OLED aroused considerable excitement among Internet users and fans of consoles from the BIG N. Many expected an entirely new product that could rival the Xbox X or Playstation 5. Industry journalists joke that Nintendo merely brought the console up to new visual standards by offering a black-and-white version.

Switch OLED has been heavily criticized, although it promises to be a very good improvement to a great gaming console. It happened because of inflated expectations. Nintendo authorities do not discuss the Switch Pro, which was never really announced. Internet users have been waiting for information on the console, which was born in a mundane way – by rumors.

Will there ever be a Switch Pro on the market? No one knows. Knowing Nintendo, you can be sure that the manufacturer will again surprise all unbelievers.

The Myth of the Harmfulness of Video Games

For years, playing video games has been considered a child’s pastime or a waste of time. Currently, the image of games has changed its face and is treated in multiple ways. E-sports, educational games, a form of spending time with friends and playing consoles together are activities that a few years ago were a curiosity, today are the norm. However, it has turned out that games have educational value, being just as interesting as novels or films.