Women's Day on your phone – top 10 sites and apps for the fairer sex

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus? This probably doesn't have much to do with reality, but that's what they used to say. However, regardless of stereotyping and social sexual segregationism, most women may actually want to immerse themselves in the world of other apps than their male counterparts. Who run the world? Girls! Who run the world? Girls!

There has long been a debate in the public space about the marginalization of women and the sexualization of individuals. This applies both to the pattern of defining a woman's role as a typical housewife and to the patterns of masculinity that most of the younger generation would even call toxic. The discussion is fervent as the discourse winds its way through the topics of patriarchy, political feminists, left-wing circles, right-wing circles, corporate circles, church circles and any other circles you can imagine. One can get the impression that the topic is being over-exploited and blurred, with parties polarizing each other without coming to a consensus.

Fortunately though we are seeing more and more powerful women in IT, and every year Forbes also reports on the 100 most influential in the world, reminding us of their impact. Undoubtedly, there are apps that will be more useful for women, and here are some of them.

Flo's menstrual calendar – for all the ladies

According to the app's creators, it is already trusted by 200 million women worldwide. Importantly, the app has received over 2 million reviews giving it a total score of 4.6 stars. This is a surprisingly good rating, so users are sure to praise this mobile solution.

The app is used to monitor your menstrual cycle, but not only!

This app allows you to fully track your period and fertile days. A built-in cycle calculator, ovulation calculator and pregnancy calculator allows you to accurately predict menstruation dates, ovulation dates and fertile days. This is the first such application for women in the Polish language, which uses artificial intelligence (AI). Artificial intelligence can even handle irregular menstrual situations. There is also a practical menstruation calendar, a fertility and childbirth date calculator, pregnancy tracking and a health check. The app also allows you to monitor your eating regimen, weight, exercise, and offers the ability to create graphs and statistics. In addition, it examines our sexual activity. From the application we can also set various notifications. Push notifications will remind us of our period date; weight, sleep, temperature and water intake entries; medication and contraceptive intake; and other health medications.

The app is available on both the Android and iOS store

KobiecePorady – for social women

Women's Advice.pl is a website created by women, for other women. Therefore, it is an ideal portal for a person who wants to get to know women's optics on a given issue. We can find articles that are closest to the lifestyle category covering the following topics beauty, psychology, sex, fashion, show business, culture, health and raising children. The platform is social in nature, but it also has features such as:

  • – i.e. search engine for local services, – product testing program, – series of contests with prizes,
  • as well as Quizzes, which can be mostly based on guilty pleasure type of entertainment, but surely many of you will find something useful there.

Vinted – for secondhand lovers

We want to show you how great secondhand can be. Sell clothes with soul. Buy things you can't find on the high street. Vinted is open to all who believe that good clothes should live long – read on vinted.en.

Vinted is an online portal that has an app available on iOS, Android.
The platform is used to sell and buy clothes. It is a great place where we can complete our outfit and get rid of unnecessary pieces of clothing. Vinted is a place where you can also give ratings to participants in the process of buying and selling, which works like gamification, and participants are nice to each other and transactions usually go smoothly. The service also takes a small commission included in the buyer protection program. The application is great for women, but not only

GetDressed – for the businesswoman

Plugin getdresssed thanks to an AI-based engine, it allows you to offer your customers personalized styling and tailor-made outfits.However, this is not a typical mobile or web app. This is a project designed for online stores, implemented with the help of Google Tag Manager. Works with stylists and helps you choose your outfit while wandering around the site.

Human-centered AI in short. The user should feel noticed, important and instructed. In this way, the brand increases the loyalty of its customers and their confidence in itself. This is not a solution that we see on many websites. "See similar", "Others bought this too", "You might be interested" or "Based on purchases" – this is not it. Plug in offers much more, so if you're a business woman and have a web background, it's worth checking out the capabilities of getdressed.me.

Qpony – for enterprising ladies

The #1 discount and coupon app in Poland belonging to the Blix Group, which also includes an app called Blix Contains newsletters and a product scanner called Healthy Shopping.
Qpony application is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to find coupons lowering the price of a given product. For ladies interested in saving money and bargains, this can be a great shopping planner. You can find here coupons to the biggest chain stores in Poland, but also restaurants and hypermarkets. Castorama, CCC, Da Grasso, Deichmann, Delikatesy Centrum, DINO, Douglas, E Leclerc, Empik and H&M or Ant are just some of the items that may interest us.

The Qpony app is also completely free, requires no registration, doesn't download unwanted add-ons, and allows you to collect coupons at malls and…digital like Zalando, Zalando Lounge, or bonprix.

Qpony. Bargains Discounts Coupons Promotions are available on Google Play store, AppStore and AppGallery.

Zalando Lounge – for the bargain hunter

Zalando with the addition of Lounge means membership in a shopping club of this store, which we join by downloading the application and registering in its panel. Every day we can see new discounts and promotions, which can reach reductions of up to – 80% of the initial price of the product. The sales start at 7am every day and at 8am on weekends and last until stocks last. Delivery takes from a week to as long as six, but we can usually enjoy a new pair of shoes sooner. Returns can be accepted if they are delivered up to 14 days before receipt of the goods. You only pay for shipping once, it doesn't matter if you are returning or ordering multiple items at once, it doesn't matter because you only pay for the shipping cost of the products.
More than 2.5 thousand brands, wide assortment and filtering of fashion ranges we are interested in is very useful in this application, and using it we can save quite a lot of money.

This highly rated application that generates satisfaction, but probably sometimes also not (especially when we have to send back a beautiful T-shirt that does not fit us) can be downloaded in "Play and Tor".

Hairstyles. Step by step – for comb fans

Chignons, ponytails and braids – the theme of every morning of a girl getting out of bed. Application Hairstyles Step by Step it is perfect for women who would like to learn a different kind of hairdressing. It is a set of over 60 hairstyles that are suitable for short hair, long hair, everyday situations and more formal ones. App includes detailed tutorials on hairstyles and how to do them.

On Google Play, this hairy app has collected over 40 thousand votes, which gave it an average of 4.2 stars. Unfortunately, it is only available there.

Hi Mommy – for moms-to-be

HiMommy is an app that accompanies moms day by day on the beautiful journey that is pregnancy. Thanks to the application a mother-to-be receives notifications and information from her yet unborn child every day. The app has:

  • contraction counter (measuring contractions)
  • pregnancy calendar
  • my pregnancy (birth, fetal development)
  • pregnancy course (stages)
  • pregnancy weight
  • pregnancy step by step, day by day
  • layette for a newborn
  • pregnancy diary

You need a pregnancy assistant? This tool can give a young mother a sense of comfort from feeling in control and monitored, but the prudent always insured, right? I think every mother would like to know what is currently happening with her child. All in white! Dear – HiMommy app on Google Play and AppStore.

Mobile Caregiver – for busy women

Mobile Caregiver is a portal where you can both offer your service and look for one for yourself.– You need care for a child, help in the garden, or maybe you go on vacation and would like to leave your pet in good hands? Find a guardian or become a guardian – is written on the app. The service helps us find care, in a situation when we need it. Whether we need a specialist for seniors, care for our dog, or someone to play with our toddler when we run into an unexpected board meeting. The application allows you to specify your preferences, time availability, opinions and hourly rate for performing the commissioned service. Caregiver in mobile form is on the Apple and Android platforms.

Doctor.One – for health subscribers

– We believe that each of us should have one trusted doctor to help us take care of our health. Someone who knows us well, who cares and who has time for us.