Mobile Vikings starts with an offer for new users

Mobile Vikings offers its services without a subscription, prepaid, but without the need to buy a top-up. Terms and conditions are simple and beneficial for those who do not want to be bound by a contract. More and more people decide to stay in this network for a long time. This comes as no surprise to anyone who has taken a closer look at the conditions Mobile Vikings offers its customers – a new offer is always a fair and permanent change and not a promotion lasting a few months with many conditions attached.

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty, which is Test Cruise. The new element of the Mobile Vikings offer includes all customers who have never used the Mobile Vikings service before. The rules are simple – you choose a package/match and for 93 days or the first three package purchases you only pay half price. You will benefit from a promotion when you transfer your number to Mobile Vikings or choose a new one.

Mobile Vikings is characterized by referral networks. The referrer creates a network and gets a discount for every top up of min. 25 PLN. The Trial Cruise does not exclude new users who want to move to Mobile Vikings by referral. But beware – if you transfer or acquire more than one number, only the first one goes on the Trial Cruise. All others pay the full rate.

Why use the Mobile Vikings Trial Voyage?

Mobile Vikings is a network that does most things for you. Automatic launch of discounted packages is standard. Just choose one of the three packages and enjoy. But that’s not all – you don’t have to decide on one package/match for the whole three months. If you want to try out all three matches during these three months, no problem. The Trial Cruise is simply three of your purchases in a row – no matter which Vikings matcha you choose.

Moves like this and the Helpdesk’s personalized approach to customers are why Vikings is growing year after year. There is also a strong emphasis on community building and referral networks. 8. for 10. the users of this network are those who have been recommended by someone else. It turns out that Mobile Vikings users are fulfilling the need to share the good with their friends in this way. They themselves have found that they are treated well, so they want their friends to have that comfort too. The profit they get from referrals is secondary – although it only takes 5 people to use Mobile Vikings on your recommendation and you can talk for free.