We spent a month with a TV streaming app – is it worth using Televio’s service?

Streaming apps have accustomed us to the convenience of consuming content on mobile devices. TV can also be mobile, which so far we associated only with watching channels in one place, where the family gathers to watch a movie, a match or their favorite talent show or news service. Televio combines TV content with “Netflix-like” comfort of watching.

As reported by Wirtualnemedia.pl last year a statistical Pole spent on average 4 hours, 20 minutes and 58 seconds in front of the TV every day. Data reported by statista.coms show that pandemic caused TV ratings to rise and 2020 was a turning point for Polish telemaniacs. Those with more time could devote to watching the news or new episodes of TV series.

Juxtaposing this situation with the Digital 2019 report by Hootsuite and We Are Social, we should not be surprised the increase in popularity of such services as Televio. The documentary showed that on average we spend almost 7 hours a day online, where more than half of this time is consumed by mobile devices, so Internet TV sounds very sensible in the face of these data!

What is Televio?

Televio is of course television, in the mobile edition, although it is not limited to mobile devices, guaranteeing us integration with smart solutions.

The title service is a TV that we watch via the Internet and has some interesting solutions, which we will just go into.

On the main bar there are such functionalities as watching TV, the ability to check the TV program, a few radio stations, a button to the panel with our recorded broadcasts, store and recommended content, which is a database of movies or series available on the platform.

Going to the settings section we can see which devices are connected to our account. In the profile we can change our login data, in services we can see the type of account we have, the form of payment and the settings for the quality of the played picture.

Preferential ahead!

Fortunately, there is an option to sort the channels, which allows the user to save time when searching for interesting broadcasts. In the tab My favorite channels we can pin the ones we want to be displayed on the home page first.

In the application we own premium service is Currently 99 channels, which would be the anguish in the monotonous switching between channels, like a constantly pressed remote. The option to choose your preferred channels is pleasing to the eye within such a tool.

Televio also has access to seven – or at least in our case – radio stations related to Polish Radio or RMF FM.

Teleprogram – it is appreciated

What connects TV and press – a newspaper whose title is “Teletydzień”. It is the most frequently purchased weekly issue by Poles. (pbc.en/market-press/). So the presence of such a program in the application panel and the search engine should please all readers of the above mentioned.

A recorder without a recorder

The application also gives the viewers a possibility to record their favorite program which they can go back to in a free moment. In the PREMIUM package we can record 120 hours of video content. Is it much or is it little? A question of need, although if we look at it in terms of days it is a number of 5 days of continuous marathon, and assuming that a standard movie would last 3 hours we would be able to get as many as eighty.

Televio also offers support for Smart TV!

We can also find the app on all LG-branded TVs with the WebOS 2017 operating system or later.

Televio is also available on all televisions with Android TV operating system, which have for example TCL, Thomson, SONY or PHILIPS devices.

The tool also supports decoders, media centers and other devices that we associate with Smart TV.

Having a set-top box Apple TV d 4. generations with tvOS 10 or higher operating system or devices with certification Android TV, such as e.g. Google TV, Xiaomi Mi Box, Razer, Forge TV just download the app and start watching.

The application is also supported on all devices that allow streaming video via Chromecast, and this means that it should work on every computer, but the design of the application on a laptop looks a bit archaic, while on a phone it looks quite aesthetic – a matter of ux to update!

Is it worth it?

Of course, it depends on user expectations. Certainly, Televio will not be suitable for people who are used to HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV or Netflix, which is too obvious in such considerations.

Popularity of VOD solution from TVN, i.e. Player.The pl and ratings peaks of the “Chyłka” series suggest, however, that not everyone is bothered by the lack of options held by the big players. Some people are even bored by the huge pool of movies and TV series, the search for which can be tedious.

The nature of VOD also takes up a lot of people’s time, who record consecutive sleepless nights because of the premiere of their favorite series. Television does not offer such an opportunity, which does not have to be a disadvantage, looking at how much time it saves by giving us entertainment.

In the opinion of the writer of these words, Televio is a good service for those who want to enjoy TV entertainment in the same way as Netflix or HBO Go, that is online and without obligation, and certainly will work on a phone in the hand of someone from an older generation.

Finally, it is worth mentioning one more small thing, which is the advertising. These will also keep us entertained, interrupting our favorite movie at the best of times and allowing us to do the dishes or set the popcorn. If not broadcast on Pols, it’s more of a survivable issue!

Oh, and then there’s the pricing..

In terms of pricing, it’s no tragedy, the service is relatively cheap. The cost of a regular monthly subscription is 9.99 PLN, which includes an offer of 49 TV channels and 25 hours of recordings. (BASIC Package)

For families we have prepared 84 TV channels with 50 hours of recording at the cost of 29.99 PLN per month of use (FAMILY Package). The cost of the PREMIUM service is only PLN 10 more than in the case of the family service, plus users get 13 more channels and additional 70 hours of recordings.

168 hours of timeshift are listed for each of these subscriptions, giving us a week of live channel rewind opportunities.