E-commerce Masterclass coming up on April 7th

In one day you will gain comprehensive knowledge about the promotion, legal care, as well as security and performance of online stores, which you should already implement in your e-business!

Our experts will not only give you a powerful dose of practical tips, but also inspire and even… show you relaxation techniques.

We look at business holistically, taking care of every aspect of it, and it is this idea that we want to carry further into the world. Today we are giving you both a fish and a fishing rod that will help you sell online with peace of mind!

You do not know what to do to develop your business even more strongly and responsibly in 2022? Be sure to join the event!

What topics we cover?

We will touch upon topics related to law, marketing, HR, security and SEO, new technologies, blockchain, or AR, including m.in.:

  • Thinking about international sales? How to do it legally
  • How to make money on intellectual property and how to manage it in a company
  • How to deal with social media crises?
  • Hosting for store – performance and security
  • Digital NFT Twins, the ticket to the Metaverse

April 7, 2022

100% online, naturally!

11 lectures, 12 experts in 9 hours. From 9:00 to 18:00. Sounds intense?