The funeral industry is changing – how technology is affecting funeral services?

The world is changing. Every now and then it improves, leaving generations behind. Man himself can’t keep up with all the new technologies and solutions that are supposed to make our lives easier. It might seem that in all this only the funeral industry remains unchanged. And yet, in recent times it has also been surprising.

Technology vs. death

Some people cannot come to terms with the end of life. One such person was Robert Ettinger, considered the father of cryonics. The technique involves storing the body of the deceased in liquid nitrogen at -196 °C. According to the inventor’s assumptions, this way will provide immortality and bring a person back to life when medicine learns the way to immortality. This a futuristic vision However, it will probably not appear soon in the offers of funeral homes.

However, there are some people who approach the subject of death in a more realistic way. The following is being debated at some universities cemeteries of the future, Visionaries create alternative ways of burial, and funeral homes introduce solutions that can help to the grieving families, to make this difficult time a little lighter.

Virtual obituary

One such solution is virtual obituary, which was developed in response to traditional obituaries published in daily newspapers. Declining newspaper readership has meant that information about upcoming funerals doesn’t arrive as effectively as it did a dozen years ago. Today, more and more people are moving to the Internet. And social media is the source of much of the information. Thanks to the posting of e-Obituary in its media, the family can be sure that only friends of the deceased will know about the funeral.

Such epitaphs a long time ago to enter Funeral portal Funer, one of the first to allow you to add a photo and personalize your obituary. This allowed the family to add a favorite passage of song, book or poetry to the words of farewell. Since last year also on the websites of proven funeral homes appear e-Obituaries, which are equipped with a pin function. When clicked, it displays a map with directions, which is a big help for funeral attendees from out of town.

Online broadcasts

Another interesting solution introduced to the services by funeral homes is online broadcasts of funerals. Recent years have shown that not everyone has the opportunity to personally participation in a funeral. This often creates a sense of sadness and helplessness. More and more people are living abroad or cannot afford to leave home for health reasons. Broadcasting funerals online allows you to say goodbye to another person from a distance.

In the past, such solutions were reserved only for great personalities today, any family can decide to broadcast the funeral. To ensure greater security, each relationship can be password-protected, so that only people from the circle of family and friends of the deceased will have access.

Today’s funeral industry looks very different than it did a dozen years ago. And technology allows to improve services here as well. Who knows what new solutions will appear in the future.