NFT New Year’s Eve at AC Hotel in Krakow and the RVR concept

DeHo, a company founded by Maciej Zientara, is launching an NFT project called 4ether. As part of the auction, buyers, in addition to ownership of the token, acquire the opportunity to participate in a two-day New Year’s Eve party organized in Krakow’s AC Hotel. The auction starts on Saturday 11.12 and will last until Monday 13.12. The project is technologically supported by software house LEOCODE.

On project website, creators brag about connecting the digital and real worlds. By purchasing a token called 4ether, the buyer gains the opportunity to participate in a New Year’s Eve party held at the 4-star AC Hotel Krakow. This is one of the first NFT projects that goes beyond the virtual realm and offers the buyer value anchored in the real world. NFT Voucher is the realization of the New Year’s Eve party experience and the guarantee of further benefits in the real and virtual world. The current 4ether offering is a pilot for the upcoming RVR concept announced by DeHO.

  • Cryptographic revolution continues in the best way. Large global companies such as Apple, Twitter and Tesla are entering the cryptocurrency market. Mark Zuckerberg has launched the Metaverse project in recent months. The world is rapidly digitizing and more and more of it will go into the virtual dimension – comments Maciej Zientara.
  • The RVR project, or Real-Virtual-Real, is the idea of transferring, enjoying and experiencing between dimensions, the real world and the virtual world. The idea of DeHO is to create a decentralized platform that will allow to “stop time” in a sense and preserve real memories, transfer them to virtual and vice versa – adds Zientara.

The token auction starts on Saturday 11.12 and will run until Monday, December 13. NFT voucher activities include brunch, dinner, open bar, lodging, breakfast and perks branded with accents referencing the world of cryptocurrencies.

Those holding NFT at the time of the event will be eligible to attend, which is 31.12 at 16.00. This means that the winners of the auction will have the freedom to sell the token before the start of the event.

  • 4ether will remain a liquid utility token even after the event ends. The token holder will have a 3D model of the room with the ability to embed it in the Metaverse. An additional value will also be the priority to participate in events planned by us in the future – explains Zientara.
  • We want to “stop time” and save it for eternity on NFT so that its owner can forever place it as a trophy in their virtual wallet, always being able to remember this unique event. Ideally, I would like to meet its owner in some time and hear: “This was my best investment in 2021 – adds.

The sale will take place through the OpenSea, and the necessary condition to participate in it is creating a wallet on NFT is limited to three tokens in total.

The technological support of the 4ether project is provided by LEOCODE software house, specializing in Web3 projects.

DeHO is a decentralized product, trading and market place platform in one,

using a unique concept of the RVR platform (reserved stamp) combining what seems to be impossible to combine. DeHO is the real and virtual world in one, and from a financial perspective it is the unification of the cryptocurrency market and the utility of fiat money, without restrictions and limits, and most importantly for everyone.