Who will win the Mobile Trends Awards 2021?

In a month, the biggest conference dedicated to mobile industry in Poland! The eleventh edition of the event along with the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards gala will take place on March 17 and 18 in Krakow. In addition to the Krakow glitter, the conference will also be accessible remotely. One of the most recognizable media voices – Jarosław Kuźniar will take care of the good mood and the right atmosphere. He is the one who will lead the conference and Gala for you, which you cannot miss!

Meet the Mobile Trends Conference speakers!

Konrad Dziejarski (Efigence) will talk about how applications refer to strongly rooted patterns from the real world and whether these patterns should be followed in the mobile environment. Whereas Lucjan Exner (Appnext) brand and Aleksandra Keller (CCC) will give a lecture about “on device” recommendations and how users discover new applications for themselves, based on the CCC brand case study. Krzysztof Marzec (DevaGroup) will show us the optimization process for campaigns and talk about the device context necessary for evaluation. To the world of human resources and personnel management will take us Dorota Andrzejewska (Awareson), who will tell us how to retain employees for longer and how IT took advantage of its growth opportunity last year.

That’s not all!

Other speakers include Jerzy Judycki (PWPW S.A.), Artur Kurasiński (kurasinski.com), Szymon Paluch (uPatient), Artur Jabłoński (DIGITALK) and Natalia Hatalska (infuture.institute). Łukasz Okoński (Future Mind) will talk about design, automation and the end of work for designers. Dominik Karbowski (Selectiv) will answer the question: does providing own mobile application in retail industry influence customer loyalty and what is the key to success in mobile marketing? There will also be Orange company, whose representatives (Aleksandra Matysiak and Karol Rubinkiewicz) will lead the lecture on ecology and its influence on applications, companies and consumer society. Krzysztof Wojewodzic (ESCOLA S.A.) will talk about e-learning and why the current system needs a complete overhaul and Mateusz Cygan (10A) will talk about the role of a developer in a project from a programmer’s point of view.

Quo Vadis Mobile?

Digital transformation has pushed companies towards earnings and global markets, while exposing them to massive competition and disaster. Continuous development and technological breathlessness, constructional fervor with new ideas along with iteration pretending to be innovation. Technological world can be paradoxical, because as an element of man’s creation it carries his particle. Achievements – Mixed reality development, more and more powerful applications and digital media development. Where does the mobile market sit in all this?
QUO VADIS MOBILE? – experienced experts will try to answer this question during the panel discussion m.In: Paweł Janda (mobitouch), Tomasz Witt (Norbsoft), Tomasz Muter (Droids On Roids SA), Tomasz Woźniak (Future Mind), and the leader will be Robert Rachwał (ESCOLA).

Mobile Trends Awards – meet the nominees!

Statuettes Mobile Trends Awards are awarded to the best projects and applications in various categories. The selection and quality of the nominations is supervised by the Competition Jury, which consists of experts connected with the mobile industry for years. This year, from more than a hundred applications nominations in as many as 11 categories received 45 projects. What is more, Internet users’ votes for their favourites may contribute to winning. Voting will take place from 15 to 23 February. 3 projects or applications with the largest number of votes will traditionally receive the Internet users’ award, and victory in its category means additional points, which are later added to the votes of the Chapter. Descriptions of the nominated projects and voting by Internet users are available at https://mobiletrendsawards.en/mta/voting

The list of nominees for Mobile Trends Awards 2021:

  • Daily life
    • Interia Group for the Pogoda Interia application
    • Ece Projektmanagement Polska – Galeria Forum Koszalin for the application Bicycles on the forum. Executor: Amistad
    • Polish Radio for the Jedynka Polish Radio application
    • We sell.pl for the Sprzedajemy application.pl. Created by: Holdapp
    • Agnieszka Pocztarska for Czytamy Etykiety application. Designer: Bukapps
    • Mobile banking
      • ING Bank Śląski for the application My ING mobile
      • mBank for mBank PL application
      • SGB Bank for the SGB Mobile application
      • PKO Bank Polski for IKO application
      • Bank Millennium for Bank Millennium application
      • mBank for the mBank CompanyMobile application. Executor: mServices
      • Banking and finance for children
        • Cheil Germany GmbH/Volksbanken and Raiffeisenbanken for MyFamilyFinance application. Realist: Netizens
        • mBank for mBank Junior application
        • Bank Millennium for the Bank Millennium application – junior version
        • Business
          • Companion for Companion field team management application. Executor: e-point
          • Marcos Bis for mKierowca application. Realizator: Force4 Software House
          • Passbolt for Passbolt application. Executor: Miquido
          • Commerce
            • Lewiatan Holding for developing My Lewiatan application. Realizator: ProfitCard
            • Rossmann SDP for new functionalities in the Rossmann PL application. Executor: Rossmann SDP, Mobee Dick and Unique One
            • Goodylabs / OTCF (owner of the 4F brand) for the development of 4F application. Creator: Goodylabs
            • Empik for developing Empik application
            • CCC.EU for CCC application development
            • Pro-social functionality
              • Orange Polska for functionality in Orange Flex application – Donate EKO GB
              • Neptis for functionality in Yanosik application – information about electric cars charging points
              • InPost for the functionality in the InPost Mobile application – Easier Access Zone for low people and people with reduced mobility
              • Mr. Receipt for the functionality in the Mr. Paragon app – automatically alerting users when the OCR system detects a potentially dangerous product on the receipt
              • Culture & Education
                • The Frederic Chopin Institute for the Chopin Competition 2020 application. Implementer: Nextapps
                • F.P.H. Zachem-Głowala for Multi Globe AR application. realized by: Maskom.pl
                • Creativity AR for Save The City application
                • Pomelody for the new version of the Pomelody app
                • Mobile marketing
                  • Eurocash Franczyza for the zdrAPPka lottery in the Delikatesy Centrum mobile application. Executor: Creative Flow, The Humans
                  • Wavemaker / Biedronka for their Gang Swojaków campaign. Executor: Selectivv
                  • CCC.EU for smart recommendations. Producer: Appnext
                  • Start-up
                    • Idea Accelerator for HiMommy app
                    • Codeagency for Mobile Caregiver application
                    • Doctor.One for Doctor.One – Private doctor for everyone
                    • 4GOAL for the 4GOAL application. Appvinio developer
                    • Oliwer Kotecki for WATCHOUT! AI
                    • Mobile website / RWD – culture and education
                      • Polish Radio in cooperation with the Chancellery of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland for konstytucja3maja website.gov.pl
                      • Polish Radio for Galaktykalema website.pl
                      • Malopolska Institute of Culture in Cracow for the new version of museums.malopolska.pl. MobileMS realizer
                      • Silesian Theatre for the new website of teatrslaski.art.pl. Created by: iteo and Fooz
                      • Mobile service / RWD
                        • NOVOL for novol service.com/nfamily. Producer: Appverk
                        • Da Grasso for the new version of dagrasso chain.pl. Created by: BinarApps
                        • Landingi for their new landing page.com. Realized by: iteo and Fooz

                        Mobile Trends Conference 2022: March 17-18, 2022., Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva.