What is Yeedi DVX34 and how it works? – Are vacuum cleaners still vacuum cleaners?

Technology never ceases to surprise us. Just a dozen years ago, magnetic locks were the height of fascination for many hotel guests. Today in the kitchen robots can make our lives easier, phones serve as a command center, but what is happening in the market of self-propelled vacuum cleaners is a completely different pair of calicoes. Proof of this is our title character.

What is Yeedi?

The Yeedi brand came to Poland some time ago. Its products are robust and an alternative to expensive cleaning equipment. Yeedi is a manufacturer of smart devices for people who don’t have time for cleaning. Vacuuming is a nightmare for a lot of people. Automating this activity is a wet dream for many ordinary vacuum cleaner users. While we’re on the subject of wet dreams, the same equipment will also clean the floor. Not quite a vacuum cleaner, but a mop at the same time. Interesting, right?

Robot specifications

Well, it is time for a handful of dry specifications for fans of electronics. The device has a vacuum station. We can also find here the navigation, which is called Visual SLAM. It is able to detect obstacles from a distance of 9mm. The robot has a suction power of 600 to 3000 Pa, a 240 ml water tank and a waste container of the same capacity. It has three levels of water flow, and the dust bag capacity measures 2.5 liters. Yeedi may seem big, as it measures 350 x 350 x 77 mm. With a 5200 mAh battery, it can run for up to 3.5 hours. Charging time is 6 hours, which is really good considering the size of the hardware.

Ability of the vacuum cleaner to meet your needs

Today’s hero is a new child of the company mentioned above. It can also be found under the name Yeedi vac station. After purchasing the docking station, it offers another functionality besides vacuuming and mopping the floor. It can empty itself until the month when you have to clean the station. Yeedi advertises the device as a multitasker and indeed it looks like one. Can vacuum and mop the floor surface at the same time. Suction power measured at 3000 Pa and having a smart mopping system is able to successfully remove pet hair, lint and dirt embedded in hard floors and carpets.

Ultrasound in the robot?

The Yeedi robot uses ultrasonic technology in its sensors. There is, for example, an advanced carpet detection sensor. It is able to intelligently identify the floor it is cleaning at any given time. Based on the type of floor, it plans the cleaning method. This doesn’t mean it will go for coffee or do some shopping while it’s doing it, but it is able to adjust the suction power or not mop the floor when it’s not advisable.

It’s not a GPS, but a vacuum cleaner!

The Yeedi DVX34 robot also features visual mapping technology. This means that without much trouble it is able to cooperate with an advanced floor tracking sensor. It is mainly used to determine the speed of the self-propeller, which will avoid accidental bumps, dings in the walls and untidy nooks and crannies.

Application on board

Yeedi offers its users full control over their devices through a dedicated app. It allows you to choose a specific room to clean, to plan the process and to configure a virtual border that Yeedi will not be able to cross

Talking to the robot?

The conversation is far from over, if we’re being honest. But that’s okay, because that’s not a feature this device has. However, it offers us something different. It listens to us. Robot is able to follow our voice commands. It is compatible with the Alexa system from Amazon and Google Assistant, which allows it to understand our commands.

Internet users happy

The cleaning Yeedi has gained popularity among users. In the Amazon store, it has garnered 410 votes so far., that have earned it four stars of recognition. In Rtings.com our new friend scored 7.8/10 when measured against bare floors, 6.5/10 for low pile carpets, and 7.6/10 for longer pile carpets. It received the highest marks in the clash with non-animal residues, with a score of 8.7/10!
It has already been ordered by 79 people on Aliexpress, 47 of whom were willing to share their impressions.
– The vacuum cleaner arrived loaded, I immediately put it to the test. The movements are a bit rough compared to a robot from another company. But this does not affect the functionality. Cleans well. The water filter has not been tried yety – read in a comment on September 19, 2021 (23:02).

A nice vacuum cleaner. I’m still not fully familiar with all its capabilities – we read in the entry of October 4, 2021 from. 01:26.

– Today I received the dusting robot, the order came very quickly, faster than it was advertised. Started trying it right away, picks up crumbs very well, goes over thresholds with no problem, also climbs the palace perfectly. I just haven’t tried it with water yet. The price suits, there is no point in taking more expensive. – boasts another user (posted on September 21, 2021, 23:37)

Overall the Yeedi 2, as it has been referred to here has collected 4.8 stars on Aliexpress.

Yeedi vs Roomba

The Roomba IRobot has resurfaced in users’ minds as a synonym for a self-propelled vacuum cleaner. It was one of the first on the market and caused a big stir in vacuum cleaner commercials. The devices of this company are robust, but are they irreplaceable?

Rather doubtful, especially given the growing range of other brands’ skills in this area. The example of this Vac Station fits perfectly here. This is not without significance also when it comes to the price. IRobot Roomba with a docking station, on Allegro can cost from 1999 PLN (in the case of i3+ or i7) to even nearly 5 thousand PLN as in the case of Roomba S9+.

On the web you will find many productions comparing the capabilities of some models with Yeedi precisely, in which the latter does not fare worse than the others.

Interestingly, Yeedi beats them all in terms of runtime on a single charge. It is capable of squeezing out from two and a half hours more than cheaper Roomba devices, up to one and a half hours for the premium model mentioned above. Yeedi on Allegro costs less than 2300 PLN, so the price is competitive.

Our assessment

While we could go on and on with shouts of admiration for the work of our new colleague, we do have a few comments. To our surprise, the robot did not start cleaning right away. He spent a great many minutes inspecting the rooms to which he had access. It was not, however, a glitch, much to the dismay of our chattering public. This one collected data about rooms. It turned out that he was mapping the area. A point of information for future users.

The only thing we do not like are the shortcomings associated, and how – with mobile. The Yeedi App requires scanning a QR code, which can be a bit tricky, but nothing is impossible for the determined. We succeeded, although scanning it was a headache and took almost a quarter of an hour. Students would be home by the time Professor Yeedi gives them access to its features.

Yeedi has signed an agreement with Allegro, which makes it a trusted seller. It’s worth keeping this in mind, bearing in mind how many scammers lurk in the web lurking for our hard-earned “money”. On the occasion of online safety, we would like to remind you about the NASK’s initiative, i.e. Cyber October, and the link to the product can be found here.