Vectra – the best Internet provider?

There are many Internet providers on the Polish market and one of its leading representatives is Vectra. They also deal with telecommunications services, as well as television. All this is delivered to 970 thousand users, serving several hundred towns across Poland. It is worth taking a closer look at the web services they represent.

What kind of Internet access is offered by Vectra?

Vectra is the best internet provider? This question can be answered by carefully looking through their offer. It is mainly divided into three parts, namely:

  • mobile internet – this is the internet that can be used all over Poland, although it obviously depends on the signal level, which is not a problem in urban areas,
  • standard internet on telecommunication lines – this is a fixed version, which has the advantage of relatively high stability of the connection,
  • fibre optic internet – this is the fastest version of internet, which is slowly becoming a standard.

This is what Vectra offers as far as the types of Internet access are concerned. But how does it look like if we take a closer look at the offers?

How the details of Vectra’s offer look like?

At the beginning it is worth to present the offer of standard internet, which is possible thanks to telecommunication lines. Its speed will be slower than fiber-optic Internet, but both offers are similarly favorable in terms of price. This makes it worthwhile to always choose optical fiber if we have the option.

Vectra’s offer, in terms of fibre optic connection, includes:

  • Internet up to 300 Mb/s – this is the figure for downloading; for uploading it is 40 Mb/s; the price of such a package is PLN 34.99 which is definitely a good rate,
  • Internet up to 450 Mb/s – here the upload speed rises to 50 Mb/s, and there is a Smart 4K package, offering 39 channels and an additional decoder; the price of such a package rises to 49.99 PLN,
  • Internet up to 600 Mb/s – here the upload speed is 60 Mb/s and in the package there is also a basic Netflix plan; the price is 79.99 PLN.

When it comes to mobile internet, you get a 20 or 60 GB bundle for 24.99 and 44.99 PLN per month respectively. All this with a 24 month contract and unlimited calls and messages.

What advantages does the Internet from Vectra have?

Vectra as an Internet provider has the following advantages which are worth mentioning. Taking a look at them may help you decide which offer is right for you.

Advantages of internet from Vectra:

  • fast speeds,
  • many additional packages included in the price,
  • relatively low prices,
  • offerings are customizable,
  • very fast activation, which is also cheap.

As you can see, the internet from Vectra has a lot of advantages, which makes it a great option for anyone who needs a fast and stable connection.