Richard Branson invests in SatRevolution – 120 mln PLN for Polish startup!

Polish company, engaged in the production of nanosatellites and nanosatellite technologies, has obtained funding from Virgin Orbit. The companies entered into the agreement on Dec. 14, 2021., during a World Satellite Business Week event. This is not the only good news for the space startup – the company also announced a partnership with NextGen Acquisition Corp.

There is more and more talk that 2022 will be the year we look above the clouds. Whether in the context of orbital excursions, new NASA projects in collaboration with Elon’Muski’or the increasing investment in the area of devices with a truly space purpose.

Polish company SatRevolution has become a beneficiary of this interest. The company deals with Earth observation and attempts to understand the phenomena occurring on it through a thorough analysis of images sent from space. All the recorded changes give a full picture of the course of our planet. Finally ” A single picture is a thousand words, and a thousand pictures will tell a fascinating and complete story of a particular place” – as they write on the homepage of

$30 million for SatRev!

As reported by the mamstartup over two years ago SatRevolution set up a consortium with Virgin Orbit and several Polish universities. They aimed to design and conduct the world’s first dedicated commercial satellite mission to Mars.

In June 2021, the two companies decided to narrow their business relationship. Virgin Orbit and SatRevolution are in the process of working out business applications for nanosatellites. Branson has allocated USD 30 million to his partner company for this purpose.

It is speculated that their joint offer may include payload hosting services on LauncherOne or ready-made space service implementations.

The partners’ efforts are to support the growing Polish space industry. Virgin Orbit and SatRev are to seek new opportunities for domestic launch services and subsequent space missions. They also want to continue working with several leading Polish research universities as part of the Polish Mission to Mars consortium, which is working to create a series of missions to the neighboring planet named after the Roman god of war..

Polish satellites can solve problems with: monitoring energy resources of precision agriculture; defense logistics and intelligence; and finally, use their potential in the monitoring of transport infrastructure and delineation of its critical points for development.

Richard Branson’s name is a serious personal brand. His company – Virgin Orbit has delivered satellites into orbit responsible for national security, international information transfer, satellites for commercial as well as civilian services.

Through our ongoing partnership, Virgin Orbit and SatRev will expand opportunities in new markets with applications for Earth observation and beyond – applications that yesterday were just dreams. Together we will continue Virgin Orbit’s mission of opening up space for good – informs the press release of the CEO of Virgin Orbit Dan Hart.

SatRevolution is growing before our eyes!

According to journalists, in another mamstartup, it is not the only, last year’s success of the Polish manufacturer of nanosatellites. In August 2021, SatRev merged with, which is a company designing infrastructure and experiences in the field of telecommunications.

The conquest of the space market by Poles should not shock us, bearing in mind the names of Nicolaus Copernicus, Franciszek Abdon Uliński, Jacek Walczewski and Mirosław Hermaszewski.

This is good news not only for SatRevolution, but for all Poles and our whole market. The potential of our companies is recognized by foreign capital, which can support innovation and development in our country. Mobile Trends editors are proud of the Polish contribution to the development of space technology and wish them every success – not only in the vacuum!