Mobile Trends Conference & Awards on March 17 and 18!

The biggest conference dedicated to mobile industry in Poland will take place in a moment, on the 17th and 18th of March in Stara Zajezdnia by Desilva in Cracow! The eleventh edition of the conference has gained a group of interesting speakers this year, and next to this big event we will get to know the creators of the best projects in the industry taking part in the prestigious Mobile Trends Awards gala. The whole event will be hosted by Jarosław Kuźniar, and the star of the evening will be Natalia Capelik-Muianga.

On the 17th and 18th of March in Stara Zajezdnia by DeSilva in Cracow we will have an opportunity to take part in an interesting event intended for all the maniacs and specialists on the mobile technology market. During the lectures we will be able to hear about mobile marketing, user experience design, digital commerce sector, as well as cloud computing in business, the role of data, or the impact of web3 and trends that will leave their mark on our lives in the near future.


This year’s speakers are the best in their fields. In the honorable group of experts was the owner of the institute of the future ( Natalia Hatalska. Financial Times included her in the New Europe 100 list and Wysokie Obcasy (High Heels) recognized her as one of the 50 most influential women in Poland. Distinguished in the ranking “Who the Polish business listens to?”, as one of the 10 most important authorities in Polish business and on the Forbes Women Poland Women of the Year List. Right next to the author of the book “The Age of Paradoxes. Will Technology Save Us??’ we see a character Artur Kurasiński. Kurasiński is an entrepreneur, orator and author of educational games and comics about science and technology from the series “Róża, a co chcesz wiedzieć?”. Tech-realist. Digital narrator, curator and creator. For over two decades, he has been observing and explaining the impact of technology on our lives.
Among the speakers we will also find specialists such as: Krzysztof Wojewodzic (ESCOLA), Szymon Paluch (uPacjenta), Dorota Andrzejewska (Awareson), Lucjan Exner (Appnext), Aleksandra Keller (CCC), Aleksandra Matysiak, Karol Rubinkiewicz (Orange Polska), Łukasz Okoński, Paweł Wasilewski, Nir Manor (Future Mind), Mateusz Cygan (10A), Konrad Dziejarski (Efigence), Tomasz Wiertelak (Oktawave), Michał Szklarski (e-point mobile), Piotr Kowalski (Google), Aleksander Luchowski (Selectivv), Magdalena Wachol, Karolina Wacholska-Sulejewska (Veovee), Krzysztof Marzec (DevaGroup), Artur Jabłoński (DIGITALK), Jerzy Judycki (Polish Security Printing Works).

There will be a panel discussion led by Robert Rachwal (originator and organizer of Mobile Trends). During the panel, experts will talk about issues related to the management, development and implementation of applications and the prospects for the mobile market: Paweł Janda (mobitouch), Tomasz Witt (Norbsoft), Tomasz Muter (Droids On Roids SA), Tomasz Woźniak (Future Mind), Miłosz Wójcik (Appchance), Anna Grabowska (Miquido) and Katarzyna Smoleń-Drzazga (Pragmatic Coders).


Apart from Artur Kurasiński or Natalia Hatalska, we will be able to learn about Jarosław Kuźniar as the host of the event. A person who knows media, but also business and technology. Can you imagine a better presenter?? The voices of the speakers and Kuźniar will not be the only. Knowledge, professionalism and entertainment. Participants of the event will have a unique opportunity to listen live to songs performed by Natalia Capelik-Muianga. Natalia is a finalist of 8. the edition of the program MAM TALENT and a quarter-finalist of the 9th. edition of THE VOICE OF POLAND. She also performed the song “Who you really are” for the lead of the new edition of BIG BROTHER. She also sang this song on the stage of Opera Leśna during Top of the Top Sopot Festival in 2019. Natalia performed several times during New Year’s Eve with TVN. Currently she is a student of jazz vocalism at the Academy of Music in Gdansk. It is preparing something special for the participants.


This year’s organizer of the event is ESCOLA. Krzysztof Wojewodzic managing Escola decided to tell at the conference why m-learning is difficult and what is the disadvantage of mobile devices in terms of teaching. We will learn something about headless architecture and how to revolutionize the e-learning market.


The eleventh edition of the event is sponsored by Orange Flex and Appnext. The main sponsor is Future Mind company.

Future Mind creates innovative digital products that shape the future of many industries, with particular emphasis on retail mobile applications. The company provides more services than designing and developing software – it also supports clients in making strategic decisions and maintaining digital products throughout their life cycle. The mobile solutions created by Future Mind have won numerous industry awards, and the company itself has been recognized for its rapid growth by magazines such as Forbes and Financial Times. This year’s edition of the conference will also feature lectures by such company representatives as Łukasz Okoński, Nir Manor, or Paweł Wasilewski.

Another sponsor, Orange Polska is famous for its innovation and modern approach on the market, so in the face of growing pro-ecological attitudes they decided to encourage them. Orange during the conference will talk about her new functionality – Donate EKO GB – within the Orange Flex application, for which she even received a nomination to the Mobile Trends Awards in the pro-social functionality category.

Appnext is the global leader in „app discovery” a platform that recommends its partners’ apps to millions of Android smartphone users around the world through direct partnerships with device manufacturers. Natural, non-intrusive advertising format (application icon) combined with unique Timeline technology, which processes behavioral data on a timeline, and more than 20 interactions per day allow application marketers to effectively attract loyal, valuable users. A representative of the company, Lucjan Exner, He will talk about it during his lecture.

Mobile Trends Conference 2022: March 17-18, 2022., Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva.