Internet methods for customer acquisition in 2022

– „I want to reach new customers and increase profits.” – This is the phrase most often heard by a sales person working in an SEO/SEM agency. Clients expect results (preferably fast and cheap) and if they don’t get them they will go to the competition. It is quite a challenge, especially in times of dynamic changes and unstable situation. So how to win over customers? What paid or free methods to use to generate leads? And the most important question: do the ways that the agency proposes to its clients use in practice?

In the following article you will find 10 ways to attract customers (with emphasis on online methods). These methods should be implemented in the sales strategy for 2022.

By assumption, a potential customer on the path to purchase does not know your website, has not had the opportunity to meet you at any event, and has not come across your posts in social media. To start a dialogue you need to meet the expectations of potential customers and offer something that will encourage them to start a conversation.

Here’s a list of tested methods for attracting new customers:

  1. A clear and well positioned website
  2. Easy contact with your company via contact form, phone and/or chat
  3. Social media presence
  4. Business card in Google and reviews of satisfied customers
  5. Knowledge base
  6. Webinars/meetings in line with your area of expertise
  7. Publication in the trade press
  8. Networking and partner programs
  9. Paid advertising campaigns
  10. Discounts, coupons, free consultations


It is your business card, your place in the network – it depends on you how potential customers will perceive you. In order to be found it is worth taking care of the website positioning. There are two aspects involved, firstly you should focus on the technical aspects of the website like descriptions, titles, proper construction of the sitemap, but also periodically creating and updating content. The second element is directing traffic to your website through external links. A website should be user-friendly – if they don’t encounter errors and find information that interests them, there is a good chance they will contact you.

Contacting your company

There is no one right form of communication that customers prefer – email, phone, chat. That is why it is worth giving them a choice. In the contact form, it’s also a good idea to add the option to select your preferred contact option, e.g. by e-mail or by phone. Not everyone likes to write, and introverts will appreciate not being bombarded with phone calls.

Social media

This is not a good place for direct sales, but it will be great for building brand recognition, familiarizing your company (by publishing photos of the company’s life “behind the scenes”) or building an expert image (e.g. sharing interesting articles). Commenting on the actions of others, interacting will allow you to be noticed – because it is a good excuse to start a conversation and build relationships with potential customers. You also don’t have to use all the media currently available – Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube. First, think about where your potential customers spend their time and choose the place where you can best engage your resources.

Business card in Google Moja Firma

Creating a business card on Google My Business is a simple way to boost your online visibility. Be sure to add key information like office address, opening hours, email and contact phone. It’s also a relatively simple way to gather feedback on the services you offer. It’s worth taking care of that because information about recommendations is often searched for by customers interested in specific services.

An example of a business card in Google.

Knowledge base

Which can be built in the form of a blog, industry newsletter or free ebooks/reports to download is a way to attract potential customers who are interested in the services you offer. It is also a way to create a base of potential customers – when sharing materials for download it is worth taking care to collect contact information such as email and telephone. It’s also a relatively easy way to get feedback on your services. It’s a knowledge pill that you can promote on social media, and by sharing it, you can increase your reach.


If you prefer to talk instead of write, webinars are a great option to get potential customers interested in your company. You can invite other specialists in a given field to co-create a webinar. For participants, it is a convenient way to get an extra dose of knowledge without leaving home. It is important that the webinar touches on topics that interest your potential customers / answers their frequently asked questions.

Example of free webinars for potential clients of SEM/SEO agencies

External publications

Make yourself known as an expert, follow the trade press – you can take the initiative to write an article on the topic in your field. In addition, by keeping up to date with industry news you can show off your knowledge or gain new contacts. It is also a good idea to follow authors writing on related topics for inspiration and self-development. Being active under other publications may allow you to get noticed.


Networking, building a network of contacts and mutual referrals is an effective way to attract new customers. Thanks to portals such as Linkedin, communication can easily be done online. Network of partners recommending each other is a plus for the client who can receive comprehensive service from proven companies. A client recommended by a friendly company will have more confidence in your services.

Information about the Parnetrski program

Paid advertising campaigns

Advertising campaigns (on Google, Facebook, Linkedin) are designed to promote the company’s website, its products and services to a specific target group. It is a good way to reach potential customers – people who search for specific phrases in the search engine or potential contractors based on interests, websites they visit or positions they hold in the industry. It’s also a way to reach people who previously visited your site, advertising can be a kind of reminder to regain lost customers.

Discounts, temporary promotions

They can act as a bait and an excuse for the first contact – 1 hour of free consultations, a free mini audit or answering questions of a potential client is not a big cost, but it can convince the undecided to start further cooperation. Promotional campaigns for Black Friday, vacations or company anniversary are ways to attract potential new contacts.

In conclusion, there is no single way to acquire customers, you should not close yourself to one channel for generating leads – the key to success is diversification, testing new solutions and analysis of the lessons learned from the ongoing promotional campaigns.

Author: Aleksandra Poletek-Pszonak

Aleksandra is a Senior New Business Manager, Master of Marketing. At DevaGroup she is responsible for sales and contact with clients. At work he appreciates clear communication, customer satisfaction and the opportunity to participate in interesting projects and drink a lot of coffee without remorse. Lover of good advertising, travel and Latin American culture.