First Aid Course – European Cyber Security Month

October is the month for the annual focus on cyber security. It can sign up for workshops, conferences, campaigns and many other initiatives aimed at raising awareness and knowledge in this area. Scientific and Academic Computer Network decided once again – because it is already the ninth – to be the coordinator of the whole event. NASK invites you to join the initiative and be cyber safe!

European Cyber Security Month is an initiative organized by the European Network and Information Security Agency. The European Cyber Security Agency (ENISA) and the European Commission. The event, which takes place periodically, runs throughout October each year. The main objective is to raise knowledge and awareness on the broader topic of cyber security and is addressed to all Internet users – both those who use the Internet professionally, on a daily basis, and those who occasionally visit the virtual space. Importantly, cyber safety has become especially important in an era of widespread access and use of smartphones and household appliances that access the internet.

Cyber-secure October 2020

In last year’s edition of the project we could get acquainted with the slogan: Think before you click. This was the theme for a campaign on cyber fraud. This section focused on providing information about current and potential cyber threats to which we are exposed.

The other interesting element of last year’s cyber month was a theme dedicated to digital skills. Technological competencies are proving to be increasingly in demand at a time of widespread digitization, which has greatly accelerated as a result of Covid-19. In response, a “Digital Competency” component was created. It presented educational activities, which ultimately aimed to increase public awareness of Internet safety. Topics included m. in. online privacy, protecting personal information, online bullying and harassment. The key message was the importance of cyber hygiene and the creation and sharing of good practices in the area of cyber security.

EMC 2021

This year’s European Cyber Security Month is dedicated to two themes: “Be cyber safe at home” and “First aid when you are a victim of a cyber attack” The organizers of the event are here to provide advice, guidance and support. This is supposed to give potential victims in the future a better idea of what is going on right now and what they should do if they fall victim to a cyber attack. There will also be an emphasis on prevention, how to prevent and avoid the possibility of exposing yourself to danger.

Cyber Security in the Home

The first topic will oscillate around the question of how to ensure “cyber security in the home” – to this end, advice will be given on how to stay safe when transacting online, establishing and maintaining online relationships and when working or studying online. Tips on healthy habits for everyday online activities will be provided.

First Aid

The second is a guideline that has “first aid” in case of a “cyber incident”. The aim of this topic is to encourage citizens to increase their knowledge of the most common cyber threats and to provide them with advice on how to respond if they have fallen victim to fraudulent activities most commonly associated with online shopping or if the security of their credit card, bank account or social media account has been breached. Real stories of victims of this type of crime will be available in the form of interviews and videos.

Polish successes

Last year in Poland as many as 50 initiatives were submitted in connection with the European Cyber Security Month, which placed Poland on the podium and was a European record!

Submit an initiative!

❇️ European Cyber Security Month kicks off. In Poland, for the ninth time the coordinator of this event is @NASK_en

❇️ Join in, take the initiative and be cyber secure! 💻

This year, NASK strongly encourages everyone to submit initiatives that will serve cyber security. Initiatives can be submitted through the form on the website: https://bezpiecznymiesiac.en/

All registered initiatives will be promoted on the safe month and presented at .

The ECSM 2021 campaign will follow the same slogan as last year: “Think before you click”, with the hashtag #ThinkB4UClick. The overall motto “Cyber security is a shared responsibility” has also been maintained.