Cyber security is not important for employees!

Krakow, 15 Feb 2022 – Cyber-security policies are needed in companies, according to 48% of Polish employees, according to a survey commissioned by Sophos. But only 42% of cadre declare to know and follow them. At the same time, one in ten employees admit that they do not follow company security policies, e.g. when you’re in a hurry.Polish employees are more skeptical about security solutions than respondents in the Czech Republic and Hungary – as many as 7% doubt the need for them.

In large companies greater awareness, but more frequent negligence

The need to apply rules related to cyber security was indicated mainly by employees from of large companies, with more than 250 employees. Need to The need to apply rules related to cyber security was indicated mainly by employees of the almost 57% of them. In small companies, with up to 50 employees, the need for security rules was seen only 43% of respondents.

Those employed in larger companies were also more likely to say they know why security policies are in place and follow them (46% vs. 41% in SMEs). Interestingly, employees of smaller companies Instead, they were more likely to indicate that additional security policies did not hinder their work. They are also less likely to skip them, e.g. when they are in a hurry (8% vs. 12% in large companies).

The survey indicates that Polish companies, especially small and medium-sized ones, still have a lot of catching up to do in terms of educating their staff. One in ten employees have not been told what the security policy is for. For staff to follow the rules, they need to know why they are being implemented in the first place – highlights Grzegorz Nocoń, Systems Engineer at Sophos.

Are additional rules a hindrance??

Just 4% of respondents consider the need for a two-factor login or the use of restricted access as that make it difficult to work. This opinion was expressed more often by employees of large companies. As much as 79% employees does not perceive negative impact security safeguards on how you do your job.Poles stand out in comparison with employees from the Czech Republic, where as many as 1/5 of staff consider additional rules to be a hindrance, and Hungary, where difficulties were indicated by 7%.

Cybersecurity policies can seem like an impediment and cause businesses to worry that staff will skirt the rules. However, it turns out that this is a misconception. In reality, the vast majority of employees do not feel inconvenienced by file access control or two-factor system logins. This is another argument for making such solutions commonplace in companies – Grzegorz Nocoń notes.

About the survey

The survey was conducted in September 2021 using CAWI online surveys in Poland, the Czech Republic and Hungary, with a sample of 800 employees in each country.