The decreasing availability of computers in stores – the reason is the crisis in the semiconductor market

Anyone looking to buy a computer lately has noticed their lower availability. In addition, prices for both laptops and specific components are higher. This is happening gradually for now, but experts warn that the situation will get worse. This can already be seen on the car market. Brands have already stopped taking orders for new cars and are apologizing for huge delays in production. What is the future of IT equipment availability and are there any solutions available?

Crisis on semiconductor market – what is it about?

Semiconductors are extremely important elements of many electronic parts and they are used, among others, to create computer components. Their lack on the market caused production to slow down significantly, and in some factories (not only electronic ones) it was stopped. Problems are recorded by the largest companies – Nintendo, Samsung, Apple, Sony and many brands that produce mainly computers. The crisis has been going on for a year, and demand is not slowing down. On the contrary – it has increased. Pandemic times have caused more and more people to work from home, and that has led to increased demand for work devices. However, fewer and fewer consumers are able to buy equipment with parameters they care about. What’s causing the semiconductor shortage? Some people point to the increased demand and the inability to keep up with it. But it is undeniably influenced by a supply chain that has been disrupted several times – both by transport restrictions during the pandemic and the stranding of transporters in the Suez Canal in March this year. This has caused many ships to wait an unusually long time to leave. When the unblocking happened, not only were there a lot of stalled shipments waiting in line, but destination ports couldn’t handle such high occupancy. There has also been a crisis of containers – they are still in short supply and prices are high. One can look for other reasons, but these are the main reasons that semiconductors are currently in short supply.

The consequences of the lack of semiconductors in the computer market

A variety of electronic products require semiconductors. These include laptops and desktop computers. The crisis has significantly slowed down the production of new models of these devices. Gradually, electronic equipment has started to sell off the shelves, and factories can’t keep up with making devices. While we can see a decline in demand for desktop computers, the market is driven by the demand for laptops and mobile workstations, which was amplified by COVID. As a result, computer prices are rising and are much higher than they were a year ago. Moreover, it is worth noting that many consumers accept such prices. The current rise in the cost of even the simplest laptop can be expected to be a harbinger of even greater change. Economists indicate that prices will continue to rise and have not yet reached the highest possible levels. Therefore, it is worth considering other options that are available on the market.

How to respond to the semiconductor shortage crisis?

Prices of electronic equipment are rising and will be higher. Many people are already foregoing the purchase of new electronic devices. Others are choosing to wait. Meanwhile, laptops and computers wear out, break down, and slow down – the need for new devices is not diminishing. Especially since many companies have moved completely to remote working, and schools are also closing through illness. There is, however, an excellent solution that more and more people are reaching for. There are also post-lease devices available on the market. What it means? These are computers, electronic components and accessories that have been used but are still perfectly serviceable. Companies selling post-lease equipment, such as Rnew – a company from Bydgoszcz, refurbish computers, replace components, thoroughly verify them and sell them to users with specific requirements. It turns out that new devices with much worse parameters become extremely expensive and buying a post-lease equipment is a great opportunity. You can buy a device in excellent technical condition, proven, with high-end components – and all this at a much lower price. Contrary to stereotypes, post-lease laptops are not only devices for home use and Internet browsing. Among them there are also devices created for business, which are not only distinguished by performance, but also by elegant design. The right equipment can also be bought by professionals who require much more from a computer than the average user. Post-lease computers are therefore now a great choice. It is enough to decide to buy them from sellers who offer only proven and refurbished equipment. When doing so, you should pay attention to whether a warranty, exchange or return is available.