The 3 most interesting love apps, or what to do on Valentine’s Day

Locked at home in quarantine, during a walk together or on the way to a romantic movie date. Valentine’s Day time is not just commercialization, but an opportunity to spend time with your other half. As always, mobile applications extend a helping hand to those in love!


Valentine’s Day is a time when a lot of people have no idea what to do with themselves when their partner is on a business trip, or simply when people are in a long-distance relationship. Developers of Between app decided to solve their problem. Between is a micro social media, where the community consists of two people, i.e. a couple in love.

The application is used for correspondence and storage of materials related to the relationship – from photos, to conversations, notes, to the schedule and calendar of important events. The app gives you the option to save files in it, which you don’t have to worry about losing if you lose or change your phone. Between argues that we can be even more defiant in our conversations, as all data is to be encrypted and completely safe.

The last update of the application got on January 10, 2022, so we can presume that it is not indifferent to its creators, as indicated by the high percentage of people satisfied with its functioning.

The Between app has received 533,291 votes so far, most of which are 5 stars, resulting in the app enjoying a 4.7 star rating on Google Play and 4.8 stars on the AppStore.


According to the Centre for Social Opinion Research (CBOS), 45% of Poles use the Between app. adult Poles in 2018 read horoscope daily. Interia quoted the Central Statistical Office data indicating that this number should correspond to over fourteen million Polish women and men. There are also 944,000 people in this group who follow a horoscope in their daily lives. This means that up to a million of us could be guided by horoscope clues every morning when getting up to make our daily decisions. For such people their personal love advisor was created, although we advise you to treat it as a curiosity and entertainment, not a revealed oracle. We are talking about LoveBot.

Cupid LoveBot is a talking horoscope with Iwona’s voice, which can interact with us through commands and modes built in the application. One of the features allows it to ask you a question, which it will roughly answer yes or no in its esoteric style. The app has a partnership horoscope, a love calculator that calculates matches, a test of names, birth dates and spiritual affinity. Love quizzes, quotes, wishes and aphorisms are also available. The app positions itself as a love coach that gives us “the best love tips and love lessons to improve the relationship and find true love.” It also includes a set of gift ideas for the other half.

The app has been rated by 3,805 on Google Play so far, giving it an average rating of 4.4 stars, meaning most are happy with its convenience. On the App Store, it only garnered 25 votes, which gave it 4.3 stars.


More and more people talk about the negative influence of phones on human relations, but it does not have to be like that, which is clearly applauded by the application Dirty Couple Games!

The app we’re recalling is a game for couples designed to loosely spend time with their partner. The game positions itself as a foreplayer, but it is not necessarily for hogging. It has more than 1,000 challenges that are unlocked by going to specific difficulty levels, of which there are four. The first is the initiation of romance, the second is something spicy, and the rest is known. The game is based on the principle of truth and challenge, but we can use sexy dice, which is a dice game for couples with erotic overtones. For those who are not satisfied the game also allows to create their own challenges.

On Google Play, Dirty Couple Game garnered 64,410 votes that gave it 4.7 stars, meaning users quite like the challenge developers offer. It was last updated on December 16, 2021, so it’s not one of the developers’ forgotten sharps. Unfortunately we can’t track it down on the App Store, but there are plenty of equivalents, such as Sex Duel: Dirty Couple Game.

As you can see, apps can help us spice up our time with our loved ones, but it’s important not to put them on a pedestal. Valentine’s Day is all about Valentine’s Day, or focusing on the other person, which is something we should remember when we reach into our pockets, not just on Feb. 14, but in general. Let’s remember that phubbing is not a pleasant feeling for anyone.