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Domyślnie SysTran 6 Premium Translator - Descarga Gratis

systran 6 premium translator | 704 mb

systran premium translator is the most powerful and advanced professional translation software product available for the pc.worldwide translation technology leaderinternet portals as well as many multinational corporations and us government agencies use the same translation technology that powers systran premium translator.

features of systran premium translator:
systran translation toolbar

* new! - dictionary lookup provides instant access to systran, larousse and chambers dictionaries
* translates text, web pages, microsoft office documents, and outlook email messages
* translates directly from microsoft internet explorer, word, excel, powerpoint, and outlook
* new! - translates from firefox
* preserves solitario document layout of translations
* new! - displays side-by-side source and target translation within internet explorer and firefox
* fluid navigation option enables continuous surfing of a website in the language of your choice
* new! - convenient display modes for floating toolbar are hide, flat, and expanded
* new! - instantly translates text via the ctrl t keyboard shortcut
* new! - instantly looks up selected text via the ctrl l keyboard shortcut
* new! - easy-to-use dropdown menus to select source and target language pairs
* automatic source language detection
* new! - remembers the latest language pair used with the smart source/target selection
* new! - automatic translation mode option translates text with just one-click of the translate button
* direct access to the systran dictionary manager to create a new user dictionary or a new entry
* new! - sends your source document or web page directly to the systran translation project manager (stpm)

new! - quick file translator

* instantly translates pdf*, word, excel, powerpoint, txt, and html files with right-click of the mouse
* translates multiple files within a selected folder

(* the pdf converter included in quick file translator does not support asian, cyrillic and arab characters.)
systran dictionary manager

* lets you create up to 10 bilingual or multilingual user dictionaries per language pair with up to 20,000 entries per user dictionary to improve translation quality
* lets you create normalization dictionaries with up to 20,000 entries for each dictionary to standardize terminology for consistent translations
* lets you create translation memories with up to 40,000 entries of source and target aligned sentences
* reverses the language direction of an existing user dictionary to create a new user dictionary
* defines the order in which user dictionaries are applied to translation
* intuitivecoding technology automatically analyzes, codes and enriches dictionary entries with linguistic information to improve translation quality
* expertcoding technology and wizard let you review, modify and validate the coding of an entry in a user dictionary or normalization dictionary
* supports tmx
* automatically finds and replaces dictionary entries
* automatically detects and deletes duplicated dictionary entries
* prints dictionaries
* imports dictionaries in other file formats: txt, xls, and csv
* exports dictionaries in txt file format
* imports translation memories in other formats: tmx, and multiterm
* new! - exports translation memories in txt, tmx and multiterm formats
* lookup operators help you simplify your user dictionary by reducing the number of entries

systran translation project manager

* provides a powerful range of features and review tools to help you reach the highest-possible translation quality
* creates and manages translation projects that involve a single file or multiple documents
* defines, creates and manages a corpus that is composed of several files, folders or urls to be translated
* new! - translates multiple files in batch mode simultaneously
* new! - translates a single file or a corpus based on the selected translation options and displays results in the content pane
* translation options include do not translate to freezes terms during the translation process
* new! - supplies linguistic information and revisions of the source document and the translation results, such as not found words detection, source ambiguity analysis, alternative meanings, statistics, dictionary and translation memory matches
* finds and replaces entries and revisions in the documents
* new! - links to sdm to create new dictionary entries and translation memories
* new! - prints source and target translations of paragraphs and sentences in horizontal or vertical display modes
* new! - provides extraction tools for not found words, known and unknown terms which can be added to a user dictionary
* new! - provides powerful review tools for not found words, extracted terms, alternative meanings, source ambiguity, sentence and translation memory in separate panes
* integrates stpm within your translation workflow
* new! - resolves ambiguity with translation choice files

global options module

a unique interface that allows you to set options in:

* application settings preferences for all applications and toolbars
* translation options translation preferences that include dictionaries and domains, filters, and linguistic resources which are stored in named profiles
* license manager manages information on installed systran products, language pairs and packs

v6 translation engine

* 52 language pairs
* 5 specialized dictionaries covering 20 domains enhance translation quality
o systran business
political science
o systran colloquial
o systran industries
military science
o systran life sciences
life sciences
earth sciences
food science
o systran sciences
computers/data processing
physics/atomic energy
o dictionary for alternative expressions provides several choice meanings for a single source expression
o options to improve translation quality include formatting, do not translate, acronym detection, automatic spellcheck, not found word transliteration, and writing style parameters


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